What to Expect When your Vehicle Lease Reaches Maturity

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As you’re cruising through the streets of the Inland Empire and Southern California in your Mercedes-Benz, it’s both a sorrow and joyous time because you know it’s almost time to wave goodbye to your C 300 and say hello to that new Mercedes-AMG®! To top things off, you’re probably unsure of what your next step is.

Luckily, you have us. The Mercedes-Benz of Ontario team is here to assist you along your journey to get you prepared for what’s to come and ensure a seamless lease-end.


Our unique and complimentary 3-point inspection performed by an authorized third party is a complete review of your vehicle to document both normal and excess wear and use conditions on your vehicle, typically lasting between 30 – 45 minutes.  Here’s how it works:

The Credit Card Test

Credit Card Test Mercedes-Benz of Ontario Lease Return

The Credit Card Test is an easy way to determine what will be considered excess wear when inspecting your vehicle’s exterior and interior.

  • Any scratch through the paint larger than the size of a credit card.
  • Any dent that is larger than the size of a credit card.
  • Any damaged safety items, regardless of size (e.g., torn seat belts).
  • Collective damage that is caused by a single event, regardless of size.
  • Any holes, cracks, gouges, tears, or cuts in the sheet metal or bumper, regardless of size.
  • Any tears to the interior larger than the size of a credit card.

Windshield, Lights, Wheels and Tires

Mercedes Wheels

The following items are considered excess damage when inspecting your vehicle’s windshield, lights, wheels and tires:

  • Cracked or bent wheels.
  • Wheels not originally equipped with the vehicle at the time of delivery.
  • Tires that are the incorrect size, have sidewall damage, or exposed cords.
  • Glass and lights that have cracks, stars, holes, or plugs.

Missing Items

owners manual Mercedes-Benz of Ontario

Prior to turn-in, be sure to remove all personal items from the vehicle, complete all scheduled maintenance, and ensure all originally equipped items (if applicable) are returned with your vehicle, including:

  • Maintenance book
  • Owner’s manual
  • Second set of keys
  • Removable CD disc changers
  • DVD system
  • Navigation system discs
  • Headrests
  • Tool kit
  • Spare tire

End of Lease Perks

Mercedes-Benz Sedan

What better way to wave goodbye to your old vehicle than with $750 to help you in completing your current lease smoothly?

  • $250 towards any “Excess Mileage” charges on your current vehicle
  • $500 towards any “Wear & Use” charges that may apply to your current vehicle

As for the exciting part? It’s time to get into your new Mercedes-Benz! In addition to getting $750 toward your excess wear, receive another $750 to use toward your “Drive off” fees when you lease a new Mercedes-Benz through Mercedes-Benz Financial Services!

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*Does not apply towards AMG®, GLE, GL and G-Class vehicles. Current lease must be through Mercedes-Benz Financial Services.


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