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What is Mercedes-Benz PRESAFE®?

mercedes benz presafe
The PRESAFE® system is a Mercedes-Benz technology that uses sensors to activate if an accident is about to occur on the roads of Rancho Cucamonga. Found on many new Mercedes-Benz models, this system takes precautionary steps to ensure your safety by securing the cabin in preparation for an impending collision. Learn more about this Mercedes-Benz safety feature, and explore it in person at Mercedes-Benz of Ontario.

What Does Mercedes-Benz PRESAFE® Do?

So, what is Mercedes-Benz PRESAFE® and what does it do? If a potential accident is detected while you’re navigating Fontana, the PRESAFE® system activates to protect you and your passengers from harm. Once activated, PRESAFE® takes the following measures:

  • For maximum crash protection, the front head restraints adjust to the best position to prevent passenger injuries.
  • The tension increases in the front safety belts to protect occupants from injury.
  • The windows and sunroof will automatically close in order to prevent debris from entering the cabin and causing further injury.

Mercedes-Benz PRESAFE® Extensions

In addition to PRESAFE® protections, the system also works alongside other Mercedes-Benz technologies to boost your safety. You can find Mercedes-Benz PRESAFE® working in tandem with systems like:

  • PRESAFE® Sound: The PRESAFE® Sound system also activates when an impending accident is detected. This feature emits a “pink noise” from the audio system that will cause a natural reflex in the human ear which helps protect your hearing from the loud sounds that can come during a collision.
  • DISTRONIC® PLUS: Working with the PRESAFE® Brake feature, this intelligent adaptive cruise control system uses PRESAFE® to slow or stop your vehicle should a straight-ahead vehicle brake suddenly.
  • PRESAFE® Impulse Side: A recent addition to the Mercedes-Benz PRESAFE® family, PRESAFE® Impulse Side is a cutting-edge tech feature designed to add even more security for cabin occupants. This system includes sensors that detect when a side impact is about to occur. From there, a chamber in the front-seat side bolster activates, causing it to inflate. The inflation quickly pushes the passenger away from the door and towards the center of the vehicle. The seat inflation also reduces the relative speed at which the side structure of a vehicle can strike an occupant’s torso. Currently, PRESAFE® Impulse Side is only offered on select models, like the S-Class Sedan.

The Mercedes-Benz sensors used for other safety and driver-assist features, like Active Lane Keeping Assist and Active Blind Spot Assist, are also used for PRESAFE®.

PRESAFE® in the Mercedes-Benz Lineup

The Mercedes-Benz PRESAFE® system can be had across most of the new Mercedes-Benz lineup near Chino and Corona. Find PRESAFE® as standard or available on the following Mercedes-Benz models:

What Does “PRESAFE® Functions Limited” Mean?

If you’re driving in Upland and your vehicle displays the “PRESAFE® Functions Limited” alert, your vehicle may be in need of Mercedes-Benz service. This message can be seen on the vehicle’s information panel, which is located behind the steering wheel. This alert isn’t a cause for panic; most often, this simply involves cleaning the PRESAFE® sensors. Still, you’ll need to have a certified technician take a look. Schedule service with Mercedes-Benz of Ontario for a diagnosis.

Turn to Mercedes-Benz of Ontario for Safety Information

We’re happy to help you learn about other Mercedes-Benz safety systems, from ATTENTION ASSIST® to Active Brake Assist. If you’re still asking, “What is Mercedes-Benz PRESAFE®?” contact us with any questions. You can also plan a trip to our showroom in Ontario for a full explanation of how Mercedes-Benz PRESAFE® works.

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