Your Mercedes-Benz Vehicle Relies on Regular Multipoint Inspections

2017 C 300 Coupe

Mercedes-Benz vehicles are crafted to the highest standards by some of the finest automotive technicians in the industry, and a Mercedes-Benz multipoint inspection is vital for Ontario drivers who want to keep their model in pristine condition. The team of Mercedes-Benz Certified Technicians employed at Mercedes-Benz of Ontario’s service center provide the highly skilled expertise your luxury vehicle demands and deserves.

Importance of Multipoint Inspections

The long-term health of your Mercedes-Benz relies upon regular inspections by certified technicians. If you want your model to continue operating above and beyond expectations, you need to have it regularly serviced – and a multipoint inspection is the first step.

Model years of 2009 or newer typically adhere to a maintenance schedule of 10,000-mile or 12-month intervals, depending on which comes first. However, multipoint inspections can also be carried out after periods of harder driving, such as across rougher terrain or through snow and ice, or before longer journeys. Regular check-ups will cover:

  • Engine oil level
  • Coolant level
  • Brake system fluid level
  • Windshield washing system
  • Tire pressure

Why “Mercedes-Benz Certified” Matters

Multipoint inspections can technically be carried out by any certified auto mechanic, but it takes a professional to really get to the heart of the matter. Mercedes-Benz Certified Technicians are experts in your vehicle. Extensive training from Mercedes-Benz, as well as years in the industry, set a remarkably high standard, and their skills are completely at your disposal when you visit Mercedes-Benz of Ontario.

Our team of technicians will painstakingly inspect each area of your vehicle, and an intimate knowledge and understanding of each model and year allows them to spot signs of wear that would have alluded the attention of others. If any faults are found, genuine Mercedes-Benz parts will be used to return your vehicle to prime condition, as well as specialized Mercedes-Benz fluids used to refill all vital systems.

We’re Ready and Waiting to Assist You!

Your Mercedes-Benz has been expertly created by the most experienced of hands, and it deserves nothing less than first-class attention throughout its time with you. To arrange a multipoint inspection, simply do so online, or visit Mercedes-Benz of Ontario. You’ll find us at 3787 East Guasti Road in Ontario, CA – just a short drive from the centers of Eastvale and Rancho Cucamonga.